Cinnamon Cherry Old Fashioned

One of my many restaurant/bar/pub jobs included working at a nightclub. At this particular job, I learnt many different cocktail recipes from a talented mixologist. This Old Fashion was quite the hit among my regulars and continues to be a hit during the holidays at my house!

Drink Responsibly!

Now this particular cocktail is one stiff drink, but Hey if that’s what you need to get through family filled dinners or new years eve, you do you.

This sweet old fashioned is flavoured with maple syrup, one of my favourite sweeteners, and therefore is easy to have a few and not notice, so please drink responsibly! 

Rye or Whisky?

Old fashion can be made with Rye (Canadian whisky), Jameson (Irish Whisky) or Bourbon (American Whisky). With Old Fashions, which already incorporate sugar, I prefer Canadian or Irish Whisky because it is not as sweet as Bourbon and balances the cocktail well.


You can serve this drink in any glass you like, traditionally it is served in a heavy bottomed old fashioned glass. But seriously, if you gave this drink to me in a mason jar, I would be just as pleased. 

Cinnamon Cherry Old Fashion

A sweet and festive cocktail for any holiday event!
Course Drinks, Happy Hour
Cuisine Canadian
Keyword Cocktail, Happy Hour
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 1 person
Calories 250kcal


  • 2 ounces Whisky
  • 1/2 ounce Maple Syrup
  • 1/2 ounce Cocktail cherry juice
  • 2 dashes Bitters
  • 3 Cherrys Garnish
  • 1 Orange Peel Garnish
  • 1 Cinnamon Stick Garnish


  • Measure out whisky, maple syrup, water, cherry juice and bitters into serving glass.
  • Add one large ice cube (if you have) or three regular size cubes.
  • With a spoon, give the cocktail a gentle stir.
  • Peel orange rind and give it a twist over the glass, the rind should produce a drop or two of juice, this is good! Finally run the orange peel over the rim and place it in the glass.
  • Garnish with a marchinano cherry, and a cinnamon stick.


Old fashion can be made with Rye (Canadian whisky), Jameson (Irish Whisky) or Bourbon (American Whisky). With old fashions, which already incorporate sugar, I prefer Canadian or Irish Whisky because it is not as sweet as bourbon and balances the cocktail well.

Holiday Reds From Italy

This Christmas share the love of delicious red wine from Italy. These three red wines are hand picked by my wine enthusiast sister, who has done her fare share of wine testing-safe to say she knows her stuff! These wines were tested with Christmas fare to ensure the pairings are up to snuff! 

As always we have found three great wines at incredible price points. All the wines chosen are under 20$, so you can enjoy them without the expensive wine guilt. 

*Disclaimer: These wines were purchased in the province of Quebec and therefore the wines may be more or less expensive if purchased in another province/country or state. 

I Blazi Nero d’Avola Bio Sicillia 2018 - $16.20

This Sicilian gem will keep you warm during the cold winter nights. It is made from 100% Nero d’Avola grapes that will bring a mouthful of bold black fruit and cherries, jams and a hint of spice. Pair this with your meatiest recipes; grilled or baked, even your favourite hearty vegetarian dish! Your loved ones will be a fan of this bold choice

Carpineto Chianti Classico - $19.95

The co-founders have been making elegant wines from the rolling Tuscan hills since 1967. This one in particular brings a mouthful of cherries, berries and floral notes. It is well-balanced and comes with a slight woody flavour due to the combination of ageing in steel tanks and Slovenian oak barrels. This Classic Chianti will pair deliciously well with grilled meats & heavier dishes. It will be warmly welcomed at any door this holiday season.


San Valentino Scabi 2018 - $18.00

San Valentino Scabi is brought to you straight from Emilia-Romagna, made from 100% Sangiovese grapes and is organically made – with a name like that, how could we not love it? It is medium bodied that has pops of red fruits, peppery spices, and burst of freshness that will surely be a hit around any table this season. It has all the charming feels and is a great pairing with classic Italian fare and really anything that has tomatoes as an ingredient.


Let us know what you think! Tag @butterandotherdrugs when you try this wine next!

Here's what else we've got cooking up!

The Best Holiday Sparkling Wines

The holidays are always filled with gatherings with friends and families, office parties and dinners. Showcase your inner wine connoisseur and indulge your favourite people in some of the best bubbly without breaking the bank!

Château Moncontour Brut - $19.80

A classic sparkling made from 100% Chenin Blanc grapes of the famous Loire Valley in France. Just like real champagne, this stunner is made following the traditional method of sparkling wine and you will notice the fine bubbles that absolutely shine. This pick would pair perfectly with your festive food and the piece de resistance: butter! It will cut through the fats around the table and leave a refreshing sensation in your mouth. Shake things up and introduce this one at the dinner table, your village will adore!

Parés Baltà Pink Cava – 17.85$

A nice start to your festive evening, this Spanish gem is organic and made from the perfect ménage a trois: Grenache, Parellada and Macabeo. They are the reason for the pop of pink color and notes of roses, ripe strawberries and fresh pepper. Pink will be sure to add a sparkle to your evening and be the wow factor when your guests arrive through the door. Be sure to also try the OG; Pink’s older brother Brut who is a breath of fresh Spanish air – always a good go-to.

Carpenè Malvolti Cuvée Brut - $16.75

This Italian prosecco is a great addition to any fabulous evening or boozy brunch. Its dry, floral and refreshing acidity from the warm region of Veneto will be a perfect pair with your cheesy dips, bagels and locks, and shockingly anything fried. This go to, is crowd pleasing and will be welcomed with open arms from the AM lasting late into the PM.

Stick these babies in the snow so they stay perfectly chilled all day (night) long! 

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Pumpkin Coconut Chai Latte

Let’s keep the pumpkin flavour going for as long as there is no snow on the ground! If you’re not in Montreal that could be weeks away, however for us, it could be any minute now. I love to indulge in a specialty drink but sometimes I love to indulge from the comfort of my sweatpants. Here is a delicious and easy holiday drink that will leave you feeling like you stepped into a cafe while stepping into your kitchen. The coconut milk adds a healthy twist to your typical pumpkin spice latte, and the chai adds to the favours of the pumpkin spice. This cozy fall drink will definitely keep you warm this season! 

Pro Tips 

  • Top your pumpkin chai tea mixture with hot frothed coconut milk. If you do not have a frother handy, heat up the milk on the stovetop and whisk until the milk has a bubbly frothy consistency. 


  • 2 chai tea bags
  • 1 cup of water
  • ½ cup of coconut milk frothed or warmed 
  • 1 tbl pumpkin puree
  • ½ tsp of pumpkin spice
  • 1 tbl of maple syrup 
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • **Bailey’s or Whisky optional


  1. In a small pot, bring 1 cup of water to a boil. Add 2 tea bags, and bring down to low heat  to steep for 5 minutes. 
  2. Meanwhile, in a small bowl, combine pumpkin spice, pumpkin puree, maple syrup and vanilla and mix well. 
  3. Once the tea has steeped, remove chai tea bags and add the pumpkin mixture to the water and whisk until combined. 
  4. Place pumpkin chai tea in a mug and top with frothed or warmed coconut milk.
  5. Garnish with a pinch of pumpkin spice on top!

Fall Wine Roundup

Fall brings changing leaves, warm stews and thanksgiving, and no thanksgiving in this household is complete without a wine pairing. This Friendsgiving, I’ve teamed up with my soon to be sommelier sister to pick our top wines under 20$. To narrow the search she picked wines from France and chose wines that would pair well with turkey, cranberries and everything in between. 

Check out her specific pairing recommendations below. These wines are breathtaking and honestly very well priced. Wine roundups are geared towards the adventurous wine seekers…those who want to drink Wallaroo or Kim Crawford, however, want to experiment without breaking the bank.  Finding exceptional wines with modest prices is not hard, narrowing down the best ones, now that is a feat…one that might have left us with a slight handover…all in the name of bringing good content to the website.

1) Domaine Gueguen Bourgogne Cotes Salines 2018 ($19)

The Gueguen mom and pop vineyard is nestled in the rolling hills of the Chablis region. This wine is 100% classic Chardonnay white wine with tones from the Chablis region.  Chablis wine is quite expensive and the taste is uncanny, it has a particular mineral taste and an oaky essence, combined the flavours are buttery and light. The combination of Chardonnay wine and the essence of a chablis make for incredible favour at a lower price point. This wine is a go-too pair with richer foods that will be filling your bellies this fall: roasted chicken and turkey (– a classic Thanksgiving fare) and harvest roasted vegetables.

2) Leon Beyer Reserve Riesling ($19)

The Riesling grape started in Germany and is now one of the most important grapes in the Alsace France region. Riesling is known as an aromatic and fresh wine that can easily pair with many kinds of foods. The Beyer family has been pressing wine since the 1500’s and have created a dry Riesling, medium bodied wine which is lively on the palate. Great with seafood, especially fresh oysters (with a mignonette sauce of course!). If you are a cheese board fanatic, this is a perfect wine to pair with soft cheeses such as Morbier, Blue Cheese or Camanbert. 

3) Jean Paul Daumen Mediteranee 2017 (17$)

An organic bold red from the South of France; where the winemaker’s main focus is sustainability and ecological growth. Daumen sources his grapes from organically cultivated vineyards and uses recycled materials for his packaging. This refreshing and complex medium bodied blend will be sure to be a winner around the table. Its sister wine’s (Cote de Rhone and Chateuneuf de Pape) have been spotted in Joe Beef and other top restaurants in Montreal; this one in particular won’t let you down and is a great value.

Rosé All Day 


As soon as the first warm day hits in Montreal (which tends to be towards the end of May), maybe 12 or 15 degrees celsius, I run to the SAQ and I buy Rosé wine. I sit outside with my friends and drink the liquid pink gold and toast to the upcoming summer.  I can’t lie to you, I am that basic girl who drinks the pink stuff BUT it is only because I’ve been drinking red wine all throughout winter (which in Quebec is 6 months) and as soon as I see that white sh*t melt, I’ll be perusing the rosé isle.   

Some things to consider when purchasing wine, most importantly have a budget before you go into the wine store. These sneaky, yet very knowledgeable sales clerks will try and upsell you on some expensive wine that I’m certain they know of a cheaper one that tastes exactly the same. That is why I go in with a smaller budget and challenge the brilliant sales clerks to find me the best wine on a budget. This is how I’ve come to find some of my favourite wines under 20$. 


Simboli Pinot Grigio Rosé-12.70$ (SAQ Prices)


This is your pool party, girls night and hosting rosé. It is extremely affordable, so much so that you can buy a case and not feel guilty about it. This wine is characterized by its dry and citrus tones ending with a slightly sweet note. This is the perfect wine to drink by the pool or on the patio while the sun is still at its peak, my prefered day drinking snacks are Dorritos, XXX and of course my fave Artichoke Dip (shameless plug). 


Château Bellevue La Foret-14.75$ (SAQ Prices)


This Rosé wine is one for the books, characterized by its subtle fruity flavours and dry finish, this wine is a show stopper. Perfect to sip and pair with dinner! Your suggestions are; lemon sole, sushi, salad and fresh homemade pesto pasta (link) . 


Cote de Rose-18.35$ (SAQ Prices)


This is the perfect rosé to accompany a spicier dish as the crisp and fruity aromas will complement the heat well. I would pair this wine with a curry dish, spicy BBQ ribs or a tangy stir fry. This is one of the most beautiful bottles of wine I’ve ever seen and it will make for a beautiful hostess gift.