Rosé All Day 


As soon as the first warm day hits in Montreal (which tends to be towards the end of May), maybe 12 or 15 degrees celsius, I run to the SAQ and I buy Rosé wine. I sit outside with my friends and drink the liquid pink gold and toast to the upcoming summer.  I can’t lie to you, I am that basic girl who drinks the pink stuff BUT it is only because I’ve been drinking red wine all throughout winter (which in Quebec is 6 months) and as soon as I see that white sh*t melt, I’ll be perusing the rosé isle.   

Some things to consider when purchasing wine, most importantly have a budget before you go into the wine store. These sneaky, yet very knowledgeable sales clerks will try and upsell you on some expensive wine that I’m certain they know of a cheaper one that tastes exactly the same. That is why I go in with a smaller budget and challenge the brilliant sales clerks to find me the best wine on a budget. This is how I’ve come to find some of my favourite wines under 20$. 


Simboli Pinot Grigio Rosé-12.70$ (SAQ Prices)


This is your pool party, girls night and hosting rosé. It is extremely affordable, so much so that you can buy a case and not feel guilty about it. This wine is characterized by its dry and citrus tones ending with a slightly sweet note. This is the perfect wine to drink by the pool or on the patio while the sun is still at its peak, my prefered day drinking snacks are Dorritos, XXX and of course my fave Artichoke Dip (shameless plug). 


Château Bellevue La Foret-14.75$ (SAQ Prices)


This Rosé wine is one for the books, characterized by its subtle fruity flavours and dry finish, this wine is a show stopper. Perfect to sip and pair with dinner! Your suggestions are; lemon sole, sushi, salad and fresh homemade pesto pasta (link) . 


Cote de Rose-18.35$ (SAQ Prices)


This is the perfect rosé to accompany a spicier dish as the crisp and fruity aromas will complement the heat well. I would pair this wine with a curry dish, spicy BBQ ribs or a tangy stir fry. This is one of the most beautiful bottles of wine I’ve ever seen and it will make for a beautiful hostess gift.

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